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Bandanas As Face Masks

Posted by Jeff Kantor on

Bandanas As Face Masks

Can You Use Bandanas As Face Masks ?

People are emailing us asking if you can use Bandanas as Face Masks.  We get that question a lot and while there are never any stupid questions, we actually sell Bandana Face Masks lol.  So We say the answer is yes.

But don't just take our word for it.  The CDC has issued social distancing guidelines which suggest people wearing cloth face coverings when they are interacting with others in an effort to keep people from spreading Covid-19.

There are also mask orders in several cities around the country requiring face coverings in the form of Non-medical face masks in order to enter essential businesses.

Both our Fashion Face Masks with filter pockets and our Face Mask Bandanas meet those guidelines.  It is important to note that whole idea is that social distancing face masks are not there to protect the wearer from the virus. The point is to keep carriers from spreading to others by containing one's own droplets.

Do I Really Need To Wear a Bandana Face Mask?

Yes, you do!!!  While probably not a major crime you need to wear one of you care about others.  Here's Why

  • You Won't Spread Your Droplets to Others
  • You Will Set A Community Example of Proper Social Behavior

We all know that it seems a little weird to wear a face mask around. It's something that seems odd and we are certainly not used to it. I felt very self conscious at first but now I feel self conscious if I don't.  I want to be a good neighbor and follow the protocol that experts agree will help us during this time.

One of things I have learned during my mask wearing days is that men don't seem to like them. I don't know if they are too macho to think they can be a spreader or if they think they don't look cool in them.

So I chose to go the Bandana Face Mask route because we have really awesome ones here and they are masculine, cool and they work.

Are All Bandana Face Masks The Same ?

A lot of people are getting regular ole bandanas and wearing them as face masks and hey, that's a start.  You know the kind, the standard paisley blue and red bandanas.

They are certainly cool looking.  I remember them from Western Movies, Hippies, Motorcycle Wear and even that weird phase when bald guys wore them on their heads lol.

But do they offer others enough protection from you as normally worn.  Let's face it they are very thin material that you can practically see through when you hold them up to the light.

So when you use bandanas as face masks you most fold them over (to shape them) which adds a second thin layer of protection but that is about it.  It's a cool look and it is "something".

But I would suggest a filter bandana like the ones firemen wear to diffuse smoke and air particles. That is what we have here at the Social Distance Mask Company.

We carry the original Air Bandit Filtered Bandanas and they are really cool. They are light and breathable but provide a filter layer so you are actually giving multilayered filtered protection.

The bandana face masks are stylish and easy to wear. No folding involved. Just unwrap and wrap around your face and velcro closed.  There is even a snap below the ear to snap the excess material that hangs down like a long beard.

These face mask bandanas are washable and therefore reusable so they maintain their integrity and value.  With everyday use and cleaning each Air Bandit Bandana will last 90 days. 

So you are going to start seeing a lot of people using bandanas as face mask and now you know why.  They are a great way to follow social distancing protocols and step into the new normal.