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Cloth Face Masks Now Mandatory in Los Angeles

Posted by Jeff Kantor on

Cloth Face Mask - Social Distance Mask Company

Starting today cloth face masks are now mandatory in Los Angeles.  The reason I am referring to this as cloth face masks is because it is a little more general because we all have access to different levels of security with our masks.

Los Angeles Coronavirus Mask Order

Let's make this simple and focus on the 3 take aways of the Los Angeles Coronavirus Mask Order because it can be confusing.

  • Employees of certain categories of essential businesses must wear face masks or face coverings
  • Employers must provide face masks or face coverings to employees or reimburse them for the costs of the same.
  • Essential businesses may refuse service to anyone who fails to wear a face mask or face covering.

This last rule is the one that is most interesting to us at the Social Distance Mask Company.  The edicts within the order do not specify anything other than mask or face cover.

Our Antimicrobial Face Mask are cloth face masks.  They are made from bamboo and poly which gives the antimicrobial effect.  So while still cloth, it's better.

Bandannas, socks, cut up t-shirts and other diy masks will be acceptable because these order will be so hard to enforce.  But bottom line is that if you are not wearing a face covering then you can be refused entry into an essential business such as grocery store.

We recommend our reusable cloth face masks with a filter pouch.  As stated on our product pages they are compatible with certain n95 filter inserts which we cannot sell to the public.  They must be sourced elsewhere.

But the fact that it is a reusable face mask via washing creates the value for those needing an every day cloth face mask.