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Do I Need To Wear A Face Mask in Glendale

Posted by Jeff Kantor on

Do I need to wear a face mask in glendaleI


Dealing with the Corona Virus and Social Distancing is the new normal and wearing a face mask is more and more become a part of it.  Many cities around the country have new mask orders for citizens and there is a Glendale Mask Order.

Do I Need To Wear A Face Mask In Glendale

Of course the answer to whether or not you need to wear a mask in Glendale is yes and no.  It depends on your personal circumstance and where you are at the time in order to comply with the Glendale Mask Order.

Last month an issue was ordered which required all workers and customers of essential business to wear a cloth face covering.  The order specified Non-Medical masks and not n95 rated masks which are supposed to be used only by medical staff.

A cloth face mask can be a number of different things.  Some better than others but all considered better than DIY paper masks.  Even the image shown above and on the City of Glendale Website show masks, bandannas and a t-shirt as examples of cloth face coverings.

Here at the Social Distance Mask Company our cloth face masks are made from charcoal bamboo fabric with anitmicrobial properties.  Each mask has a filter pouch for further protection.

Keep in mind that whole idea behind using a cloth face mask, especially in Glendale is to protect others from the wearer in case the wearer is a carrier of the virus.  Basically it keeps your droplets from going onto others.  It will not protect you necessarily from someone else.

Nevertheless the City of Glendale expanded the mask order to say that you must wear a face mask in Glendale whenever you leave the home.  This includes things like walking your dog, taking a hike and going to the store.  It's a change from the rule stating masks only needed to be worn in Glendale when at or in an essential business.

Here is a link to the city of Glendale Mask Order announcement stating that you do indeed need to wear a face mask in Glendale