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Do Uber Drivers Need To Wear Face Masks

Posted by Jeff Kantor on

do uber drivers need to wear face masks

Travel has been on our minds lately and a big part of travel for better or worse happens to be Uber.   For those not aware Uber, the giant ride share company has been wanting its riders to stay home as part of social distancing but things are opening up and so we ask,

Do Uber Drivers Need To Wear Face Masks ?

One of the biggest questions we get here at the Social Distance Mask Company is whether or not people need to wear face masks when they are driving in their car.  It's also the subject of many face mask memes and also become a rallying cry against social distancing itself.

Who would have thought a few months ago that the face mask would rise to become the symbol of defiance for or against the realities of Covid-19 but that day has come. 

Regardless of the validity of such weaponization of the Face Mask Uber has taken a stance and it makes not only science sense but business sense.

Uber Announced new protocols for Driver and Rider safety during the slow opening of what is sure to become the new normal.  Drivers now have an app to self certify that they are wearing a mask when arriving to meet a rider.  This follows last week's announcement by rival Lyft to do the same.

If you think about it they really have no choice because weighing heavy on the public's mind is how to social distance in a car.  It's very tough and Uber's entire business model revolves around it.

Uber already had to ax their popular cost saving Uber Pool which allowed riders to choose a lower rate by allowing other rider's to be picked up and delivered along their route.  There was simply no way that this was going to fly post Covid-19 so it was a good choice.

But now to tackle the standard Uber ride the company must put its best face mask forward (pun intended) Drivers are required to take a selfie when they accept a ride and Uber now has a biometric reader that can detect a face mask in the selfie and the driver is allowed to proceed with the trip.

Still, their must a some level of trust in the driver because obviously face masks are easily removed so as a driver approaches their pick up rider that person may cancel the trip free of charge if the driver is not wearing a mask or seen putting it on at the last minute.

For Uber Riders familiar with the app that is a show of good faith because cancelations and the fees that go with them have become an issue. So Uber is going to take the hit and hope there won't be much rider abuse.


Do Uber Riders Need To Wear A Face Mask ?

So now that we know that Uber Drivers Need to wear a face mask what about the riders? It does little good to stop the spread of Covid-19 if this is a one way street. (Yes, Another Intended Pun. Sorry). 

Uber is asking all riders to wear a face mask and and sanitize before entering an Uber. Uber is also asking riders to limit the number of allowed passengers on their ride to 3 and open windows to better ventilate the entire car.

Drivers are the key to this enforcement and are given the ability without penalty to cancel rides they do not feel safe about.  I feel like there is more room for abuse on the driver side of things because of ride bias based on the amount of potential earnings per ride but I'm sure Uber will find a way to monitor this.

Uber and Lyft are going to take a huge beating along with everyone else experimenting in the post Covid-19 (even though we are not post Covid-19) but it kind of makes sense that these tech pioneers who created an entirely new market would be the ones testing the waters of face masks as part of their new normalcy.