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Fashion Face Mask For Sale With Filter Pocket

Posted by Jeff Kantor on

Fashion Face Mask For Sale With Filter Pouch Near Me


Fashion Face Masks are quickly becoming a trend to do the Mask Orders around the country.  Unless you've been living under a rock, you have undoubtedly heard about face coverings.  But, as we plan to open up the economy Mask Orders are the guidelines that govern where face masks must be worn.

For the most part, we are being asked to wear at least cloth face masks when we go outside and handle business as we begin to open up.  Some parts of the country will be easier with their guidelines than others.

For example, here in Los Angeles we are required to wear cloth face masks wherever we go while cities within Los Angeles County are free to alter guidelines as long as they mirror the main orders.

Having said that, Los Angeles and the rest of the country are embracing not only face masks, but face mask fashion!

That's where the Social Distance Mask Company comes in.  Not only are our masks compliant with all current Mask Orders in the United states, we are Fashionable.

Each one of our Fashion Face Masks for sale contain a filter pouch.  They are all made from antimicrobial sustainable bamboo cloth fabric.  They are multilayered to provide extra protection.  Further the filter pocket itself provides a third layer of protective fabric even without the filter.

Our Cloth Fashion Face Masks are compatible with the 3M® Particulate Filter 5N11 (Part Number: 46464, 3M Product Number: 5N11, 3M ID: 70070614477, UPC 50051138474741)

All filters are sold separately so we do not violate any face mask rules which provide medical masks for 1st respoders.  Our Face Masks are Non-Medical until a filter is placed in the pouch, and again, you cannot buy them from us. They may or may not be available on Amazon.

Our role in this is to provide fun and fashionable protective cloth face masks to the public for the protection of others.  That is what is necessary to flatten the curve and stop the spread of covid-19.  

So when shopping for a face mask fashion masks that are washable and reusable are your best bet.