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Fashion Face Masks For Sale In Los Angeles

Posted by Jeff Kantor on

Fashion Masks For Sale In Los Angeles


Let's face it, this is Los Angeles so it should seem obvious that fashion face masks are important here.  Los Angeles is a town of glitz, glamour and celebrity and that won't change just because of the CDC guidelines to wear masks.

Luckily for us, Social Distance Mask Company has the solution for all the actresses and models looking to be fashion forward with their masks while they are out and about and practicing social distancing.

We are thrilled to have the super talented actress, singer, model Aizhan Lighg choosing our pink camo antimicrobial cloth face mask with filter pouch as part of her Earth Day photo shoot outfit.

Miss Lighg is known for her fabulous fashion choices and can was seen at all the Los Angeles hot spots and parties during this years Hollywood Awards season supporting her film Tomiris

Many here in Los Angeles, whether famous, near famous, wanna be famous or just normal human will be wearing face masks for the foreseeable future.  It is the new normal and the people of LA get it.  Unlike other cities in the Country the people here understand and embrace what needs to be done to battle covid19.

But that doesn't mean they can't look good.  At first seeing people walking around the city in face masks looked more like an oddity than an acceptable fashion accessory.  

However, that is changing fast and we have a feeling with all the celebrities in the area there is a real opportunity for them to set the fashion trend and hopefully help people in the rest of the country to start embracing the fashion face mask stop feeling self conscious about walking around with a cloth mask on their face.

I have been on lock down in Fl and here I see very face masks out in the wild and it is very disturbing so I feel fortunate that I am in the position to help change that.

You'll notice that the face masks we sell in Los Angeles and on our website for the rest of the country that our face masks are functional as well as fashionable.

Our face masks for sale in Los Angeles are made from antimicrobial charcoal bamboo fabric that is breathable and comfortable.  Each face mask has a filter pocket that is compatible with a the 3M 5N11 Niosh-Approved N95 Filters.

We do not sell the filters because these are for the medical community only. What we do sell in Los Angeles are the cloth face masks themselves with the filter pocket which provide 3 layers of protection without the filter.

The fashion face masks are washable and reusable.  Having a reusable face mask is really important in this day and age.  Remember non-medical face masks are required in Los Angeles and the purpose is to protect the public from you.

The work by keeping your droplets contained within the mask so that you are not unknowingly spreading covid19.  If everybody wears a mask it can and will be a remarkable defense against the spread of the virus in Los Angeles.

So while you are doing your part as all Angelinos are trying their best to do, you may as well support local and buy a fashionable face mask made and sold right here in Los Angeles.