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Filtered Bandanas For Men

Posted by Jeff Kantor on

filtered bandanas for men


We have noticed that our Air Bandit Filtered Bandanas are more attractive to our male customers.  I mean who wouldn't like a cool bandana to wear around your face right?

The truth is that we all need face coverings of some sort whether they are face masks or filtered bandanas.  The new normal isn't normal yet but as we begin to experiment with opening up society again face masks are important.

There has been some discussion around why men are not wearing face masks out in public as the guidelines suggest and in some places demand. The reason being tossed around that it is as simple as men don't like face masks because it is a sign of weakness.

From Donald Trump to tough guys everywhere men have been surveyed saying that face masks are a sign of weakness.  Not physical weakness but perhaps it is just a knock against their machmiso.

Personally we have talked about in the office that Donald Trump won't wear a face mask because his make-up will smear.  It's pure vanity and we do understand that but also feel like it is not the right message from leadership.

Our sales also reflect this trend and we want to assure men out there that they aren't alone and are being looked after. Well, at least fashion wise.  We can only do so much here at the Social Distance Mask Company.

Air Bandit Filtered Bandanas

So along with our face masks with filter pockets we are featuring filtered bandanas by Air Bandit to better service our male customers.  Make no mistake, there are plenty of men choosing face masks for their social distancing protocols but the filtered bandanas are trending upwards for sure.

The Air Bandit Filtered Bandanas Anti-Bacterial Filter Reduces Intake & Exposure to the Harmful & Damaging Effects of:
  • Smoke
  • Dust
  • Airborne Pathogens
  • Allergens
  • Pollen
  • Carcinogens
  • and More!!!

 They are light weight, breathable and comfortable to wear.  The most interesting thing about these filtered bandanas is that when you aren't wearing it you can just pull it down around your neck and have it safely tucked out of the way.