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It’s Bedlam in the Mask Market

Posted by Jeff Kantor on

Mayor Garcetti Wears A Non-Medical Mask for Social Distancing



It's true there is a lot of information and disinformation in the mask market right now.

Who needs one, Are you important enough to wear one and who is getting shamed for it.

More and more we are getting advice that non-medical mask should be part of your social distancing protocol.  Non-medical simply means any mask that is not N95 rated. 

But there are masks like the Air Bandit Defendair which are compatible and can be fitted with an N95 filter (sold separately)

Our masks are made locally in Los Angeles with 50/50 antimicrobial bamboo and polyester.  Since we do not sell the filters for our masks pouches they can be bought by the general public.

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