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Washable Face Mask With Filter Pocket For Sale

Posted by Jeff Kantor on

Washable Facemask with filter pocket for sale
The most recent recommendations are that all people should wear masks in public. but facemasks have been scarce and hard to find.
If you have had difficulty finding facemasks for you and your family , please pay attention to this special announcement.
The Social Distance Mask Company can now provide facemasks to people that want to wear them. And these masks are in stock and available now.
Introducing our Air Bandit Defendair Washable & Reusable Antimicrobrial Facemask. They provide a 3 ply later to cover your face, nose, and mouth.
You can have them shipped right to hour home with contactless delivery with free US Shipping for orders over $50. And remember, these reusable masks provide at least three protective layers due to the filter pocket.
  • Layer 1: Primary Separation Layer - Provides separation between your face, nose and mouth and the outside world. Sometimes we have to go out in public to get essentials
  • Layer 2: Secondary Layer - is the outer layer of the filter pocket which is compatible with 3M® Particulate Filter 5N11 (Part Number: 46464, 3M Product Number: 5N11, 3M ID: 70070614477, UPC 50051138474741) Sold Separately
  • Layer 3 - The Final Separation Layer - completes the mask design that is comfortable, cool and breathable
These facemasks cover your nose, mouth and chin. The lightweight design makes them easy to breathe and easy to wear. The adjustable elastic and material loops fit all sizes. Great for around the house, working outside or any time you want to cover up your nose and mouth.
Until know cloth facemasks have been scarce and hard to get. Now that the CDC recommends all people wear them in public. It is so important to get them for you and your family.
Air Bandit Defendair series masks are in stock now and shipped daily (except Sunday) to your home. No trips to the supermarket or pharmacy to get them. There is no public contact needed to get them. Just order your facemasks online from Social Distance Mask Company