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We Now Have Bandana Face Masks For Sale

Posted by Jeff Kantor on

Bandana Face Masks For Sale In Los Angeles

Bandana Face Masks On Sale Now!

That's right, we know that we are known for our Antimicrobial Fashion Face Masks but we have added Filtered Bandana Face Masks from Air Bandit to our face coverings collection.

Remember, the CDC is recommending, and is some places, requiring the use of cloth face coverings as part of each of our social distancing protocols.  Experts agree that Face Masks are necessary to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

We are aware that not all Americans agree with the Medical Experts and the Science on this and argue against germ theory, but we here at Social Distance  Mask Company take it very seriously and we're here to do our part.


Our Fashion masks are becoming quite popular not only for their trendy looks but because of the protection they offer.

Each mask is made from antimicrobial charcoal bamboo fabric right here in Los Angeles.  They each contain a filter pocket which in itself provides 3 layers of protection even without a filter inserted into the pocket.

Our Face Masks are washable and reusable whether washed by hand with soap and water or by machine.  These are a few of things that make our non-medical face masks such a great value.

Filtered Bandanas Are A Great Value!

Just like our face masks, our Filtered Bandanas are a great value.  They are filter lined made of strong materials making them washable and therefore reusable.  In fact if used daily, each filtered bandana will last over 90 days.  

But just like our fashion masks, we have realized that men prefer Bandana Face Mask Fashion.  For men, there is a cool factor that a protective bandana provides that some feel a mask cannot provide.

Let's face it, bandana face masks have been cool as long as we can remember. They were worn in the wild west and a crucial accent to motor cycle wear. They are just plane manly but for our purposes right now they are just plan functional.

During our new norm of social distancing we are all learning how to wear face coverings but with masks we notice that when we want to slip the off, let's say for driving, there is no real place to put them.

With a bandana face mask you just pull it down and wear on your neck as shown in the picture above.  But bandanas can be confusing to shape and fold but ours require non of that.  

Our bandana face masks just wrap, attach to velcro and that's it. You can even snap the excess material to the chin keeping the material out of your way and closing the filtered system.

So if you're looking for something a little different than a face mask consider trying a filtered bandana face mask. Trust us, they are trendy and trending.