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What The Experts Say Regarding Masks (There Are No Experts Really)

Posted by Jeff Kantor on

Making Masks for Social Distancing


We are just hours away from the Trump administration possibly recommending that all Americans wear some sort of face covering to enhance their social distancing protocol.

This worries some only because there is a sense that masks will give a false sense of security and people will become less diligent in their efforts.

Let's keep in mind that we are not talking about N95 Masks used for healthcare workers or those masks like Air Bandit Defendair which is professionally made mask with a pouch compatible with an N95 replacement filter.  The latter is what we make here in Los Angeles and sell to the public without N95 filters as to not defy federal guidelines.  However, you are free to source your own filters.

But lets take a deep dive into what the experts are saying about DIY masks that people are beginning to make themselves.  ArsTechnica did a great article this today.